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GRANASUR is a Chilean company formed in 2010. Taking advantage of the good agroclimatic qualities of our country we offer high quality natural, organic and refined products. We are concerned with controlling the process from its beginnings, choosing the highest quality fruit in Chilean Patagonia, carrying out the drying and separation processes of the seeds and husk. Then we can produce specialty oils aimed at the cosmetic, nutraceutical and food industries in general.

At Granasur we are deeply committed to the quality of our products, and the respect and conservation of the environment

Committed to the environment

Gransaur is deeply committed to the environment, taking care to use the cleanest processes possible in each of the production stages, and recycling raw materials. Furthermore, the company cooperates with the reforestation of Patagonia.



We are concerned that our products meet high quality standards from their origin as raw material to the end of the production process. We are constantly innovating with new products and production processes with the aim of improving our products every day. Our goal is to produce high quality products, with a preferential sales service.

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The best selection of rosehip seeds

From Patagonia to your skin

We place great value on the natural characteristics of our products, so rosehip oil is extracted without the use of solvents or chemical processes. In addition, it is obtained in small quantities to maintain the natural composition of the oil. We have high-tech machinery to ensure that the oil we make is of the highest quality

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GRANASUR S.A. It has first-rate clients on 5 continents. In countries like Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile. Our products are shipped from Chile in a secure way (air, sea or land). We invite you to contact us. For commercial inquiries we can attend you in Spanish, English or German.


Our company has two plants, each of 10,000 meters with buildings of 3,000 m2. In which in the first one we carry out processes of drying and separating the fruit, to later be transferred to the oil production plant in which we can carry out a comprehensive process of production of special oils and their derivatives since it has storage from seed in silos, automated seed transport, cleaning plant, grinding and cold pressing of seeds, solvent extraction, refinery and a modern oil packaging plant

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