Granasur Internacional

Our company

GRANASUR is a Chilean company formed in 2010. Taking advantage of the good agro-climatic qualities of our country, we offer high quality natural, organic and refined products. Our process begins with the collection of the Rosehip in Patagonia, then drying and fruit separation processes are carried out. With the seeds we produce specialty oils aimed at the cosmetic, nutraceutical and food industries in general. We also take advantage of absolutely all the components of the fruit, achieving a virtuous cycle committed to the environment.

In three years we have become a benchmark in the world market, currently supplying companies on five continents. Among our main products we can mention the oils of Rosa Mosqueta, Chilean Hazelnut, Grape , Cucumber, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Borage and oils derived from berry seeds. We also offer scrubs, skin, flour and pellets in different parts of the globe.

Our philosophy


It has a work philosophy that is based on delivering quality products, good service and reliability in its commitments. The company seeks to establish long-term relationships with its customers and is obliged to always be attentive to their needs, working on excellence in all its processes, with the strictest ethics, promoting clean production and respecting the environment, being of special interest the use of new technologies and innovation as a growth tool


Produce special vegetable oils and their derivatives, to be used in the world cosmetic, nutraceutical and food industry, guaranteeing quality products, working on the continuous improvement of our processes and maintaining a commitment to customer satisfaction, with our workers and their families. We are also concerned with contributing positively to the environment.

Commitment to sustainable development

One of the great commitments of GRANASUR S.A. it is sustainable development. The company is concerned that its production chain conforms to ecological and environmentally friendly methodologies. They apply clean and residue-free processes and it is a priority to use raw materials that consist of by-products from other agro-industries. Thus, they contribute to the reduction of industrial waste.

In addition to the above, they have implemented the ISO 14001: 2004 standard that certifies their cooperation and concern.

Recently GRANASUR S.A. has made a contribution of 1,000 trees for Chilean Patagonia, through the initiative “Reforestemos la Patagonia”. With this, the company reinforces its commitment to constantly and positively contribute to environmental care and give back to the land from which it obtains its products.