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We distribute granasur chile to the rest of the world!

Production: The story begins in Chilean Patagonia, where the freshest fruit of the season is collected with strict quality control. The fruit travels from the south of Chile to our drying plant located in the central area of the country. This is where the selection process of the highest quality fruit takes place and then it is dried for a period of 3 days in our last generation ovens. After this the different parts of the fruit are divided, the seed goes to our oil plant in Santiago while the husk is crushed in different measures


We are concerned with obtaining the best raw materials, maintaining a close relationship with our suppliers or farmers. Our products, derived from seeds, thus have complete traceability, which is complemented by strict quality control to ensure compliance with the expectations of our customers.

Environmental care

In accordance with our environmental care policy, we have implemented the ISO 14001: 2004 standard, thus ensuring control over any type of waste. We are concerned with minimizing and taking full advantage of all our raw materials.

Quality Control

We have a Quality Control Management which, together with the Laboratory staff, complies with the systematic review of raw materials, products in process and finished products. We have also implemented the ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP (GMP) standards, ensuring the quality of our products.


Our staff consists of 20 people: 6 engineers, 5 specialized technicians and 9 qualified operators. Between all of us, we are a keen and enthusiastic team in meeting the demands of our clients.

Production processes

: Our production processes respect all the international standards required. We are concerned that in each part of the process the demanding expectations required are met, from the collection of the fruit to the production of the oil. Once the fruit has been dried and its components separated, we transport the seeds to the modern oil extraction plant, where the seed selection processes are carried out, cold pressing, solvent extraction, refining, filtration and finally nitrogen packaging to preserve all the properties of the product.

Seed selection

The Plant has complete facilities for cleaning and selecting seeds that allow the raw materials to be properly prepared to obtain the best results in quality and performance of oils

Cold pressed

We have 5 presses for cold pressing, which allows us flexibility to obtain oils in which all their natural constituents are preserved, given the careful process we apply.

Solvent extraction

Our solvent extraction plant (Hexane) has a capacity of 20 ton / day, allowing versatility and efficiency for relatively small batches.


We have a modern refining plant that includes centrifugal equipment for oil clarification and reactors all in stainless steel to obtain optimum quality.


Throughout the entire production process of the oils, various stages of filtration are applied in hermetic filters from 10 u to 0.5 u.


All our oils are packed in a modern packaging plant. The oils are subjected to a filtration of 0.5 u and Nitrogen is injected until saturation just before packaging, which allows the best protection of the product until its consumption.


 At Granasur we are deeply committed to the quality of our products. Our corporate culture is to continually improve to satisfy our customers and deliver the best possible service.

worldwide certifies organic products according to standards of the European Community, United States, Japan, and private standards such as: EurepGap.

: Certifies that our products comply with the norms and standards of the Jewish religion.

Certificate from the United States Department of Agriculture that the processes and products are 100% organic.