Production Process

We have a 3,000m2 production facility on 10,000m2 of land where we produce our specialty oils. Our facility holds our own Seed Silos, Automated Cleaning Plant, Mill, Cold Press unit, Solvent Extraction unit, Refinery and a state-of-the-art Filling Plant.

Seed Selection

Our plant has a complete facility where we can clean, grade and prepare our seeds which allow us to extract and obtain the highest results for our raw materials, and in turn the highest quality for our oils.

Cold Press

We have 5 cold-presses available to process our products. This delicate process allows us to be flexible with our oils, while maintaining their natural characteristics and properties.

Solvent Extraction

Our Solvent Extraction plant is able to process up to 20 tons per day that allows us to be versatile and efficient with our small production batches.


Our cutting-edge Refinery includes centrifuges for clarification and stainless-steel reactors for the highest quality products.


Throughout our production process, our oils go through a number of stages of filtration. For this step, we use airtight filters that range from 10u to 0.5u.


All of our oils are packaged in our state of the art bottling plant. Our oils are filtered and prior to bottling, they are saturated with Nitrogen that will protect and preserve our product until it reaches our consumers’ hands.